How To Tap A Cell Phone

cell phone tappingMobile Phone tapping or Cell Phone tapping is quite an old concept of monitoring the telephonic conversations, which is much more advanced and evolved in today’s time! Earlier it was called telephone tapping or wiretapping, but now people use mobile phones, hence the term Mobile Phone tapping. Though the tapping is secretly done by a third party, people don’t generally like the idea of somebody sneaking in to know their activities. Lets know more about this concept..

In the initial days of telephone tapping, government agencies used to tap the telephone line with an electrical tap. Because Government was involved in this, it was legal and was called as lawful interception. Since then it has constantly evolved and become much more better with the advancement in the technology.

Mobile Phone Tapping Legal Or Illegal?

It’s always a topic of debate for people whether it is legal or illegal for somebody (even government!) to perform mobile phone tapping. To shine some light on this matter, we’d like to tell you that many countries have passed laws in order to be able to get access for tapping phone lines. Countries like USA, Europe and Canada have passed laws for the same. These laws are however passed in order to keep a check on cyber crimes and other illegal activities. On the contrary, the conversations can still be recorded and monitored illegally, usually done by third party by the method of tapping, and this may be done without prior consent of the concerned person.

Different Types Of Tapping

Tapping eventually started from telephone and has now reached to internet! Following are the different types of tapping:

  • Telephone Tapping
  • Mobile Phone Tapping
  • Internet Tapping

Cell Phone Tapping

Secret law enforcement agencies and government agencies usually have the technology which lets them to remotely activate the microphone of cell phone to listen to the conversations. Other than that, mobile phones normally are used for collecting the data related to a user’s location. This is easily done by the use of GPS technology, which is now a part of mobile phones. It is very much possible for the government agencies to intercept your calls, but this isn’t just limited to government agencies. There are hackers and snoopers who can do this job very well, also there are many apps to tap mobile phone.

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Internet Tapping

Apart from mobile tapping, the technology has raised the benchmark and with the constant progress, there is a new concept in the market which is Internet tapping. Again, internet tapping or web tapping is a process of monitoring the websites which may or may not contain sensitive/illegal/dangerous content. Internet tapping is basically keeping a track of those IP address which access these kind of websites.

This was all about cell phone tapping and various other tapping concepts which have been a part of our society! They have been there, but we never bothered about them. Hope this article has cleared up a few doubts about Mobile tapping.


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